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Title: Developing a Java Program to Calculate the Area of Different Shapes

Instructions: In this assignment, you are to develop a Java program that calculates the area of different shapes. The program should allow the user to select a shape, enter the necessary dimensions, and then calculate and display the area. The program should handle the following shapes:

  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Circle

Your program should use appropriate methods and should include appropriate error handling.


The writer began by creating a main method that would allow the user to select a shape and enter the necessary dimensions. They then created separate methods for each of the three shapes, using the appropriate formulas to calculate the area. They also included error handling to ensure that the program would not crash if the user entered invalid input.

Overall, the writer’s solution was clear, concise, and well-organized. They followed the instructions closely and provided a program that was easy to understand and use.

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